Welcome to Aardvarks to Zebras Pet Services 

We provide a highly professional, enthusiastic and compassionate pet service ranging from dog walking and cat visit to cat and small animal nail clipping and microchipping. We cover the areas of Tonbridge, Hildenborough, Hadlow, Five Oak Green and Paddock Wood. 


We have been walking dogs and visiting fluffs since 2013 and we feel proud and honoured to have been allowed into the homes of our beautiful clients. Each one we see as our extended family, our Aardvark family.

Have we ever looked after an Aardvark or a Zebra I hear you ask? Well sadly not yet but we have look after a variety of species from dogs, cats, rabbits, degus, fish, birds, Shetland Pony, chickens and many more. We are always interested to learn about new animals and take on new challenges, so feel free to get in contact if you need our help. 


Who are we? 

We are Aardvarks to Zebras, yes we are dog walkers and pet sitters, but we are more.......

Who are we? 

We are your pets best friend,

We are your dogs lunchtime release,

We are your cats lap to sit on & cuddle when you are away,

We are the caterer or barman,

We are the poo picker or litter tray cleaner,

We are the entertainment,

We are the pill givers,

We are the pedicurist,

We are the groomers and vet nurses.

We are so much more........

We are the observers of illness, 

We are the sound boards & advice givers,

We are the last minute help or safely booked in advance,

We are your diaries & remind you of bookings,

We are the key holders & neighbourhood watch, 

We are the postmen and binmen, 

We are you and your pets friend,

We are all family connected by all things animal. 

We are Aardvarks to Zebras Pet Services.