Dog Walking

Would you like your dog walked for 30 minutes or an hour?

We prefer to walk dogs on a one to one basis so they can have the full attention of the walker and even a little training and socialisation. More than one dog however can be walked from the same home (up to 3 dogs).

Our walks will be on a long lead across fields and countryside near the client’s home. Off lead walking will be under owner’s consent, when safe to do so. The walk will be varied to reduce boredom. Of course the walker will make sure your lovely dog will be settled and tucked up at home safely before leaving.

One Dog - 1 hour - £14

                 30 mins - £10


Two Dogs - 1 hour - £18

                  30 mins - £14                        



Puppy and Senior Dog Visits

Do you have an older dog who needs a little company while you’re at work or a puppy that can’t quite wait until you get home?

That’s what we are for.

We offer doggy care visits that includes feeding and medication, if required, along with house or garden play. Whether it’s for a toilet break an cuddles or a fun play with mentally and physically stimulating games.

The visits can be either 30 or 60 minutes at a time to suit you and depending upon your specific requirements. We may be able to stay longer by request and depending on our availability.

30 mins - £10

1 hour - £14 

Subsequent consecutive hours (per hour) - £9


Cat Visits

Out for the day or away for a week and need someone to visit your little kitty at home?

A 30 minute visit includes feeding, medicating, playtime, litter box cleaning, grooming, and socialising. Happy to open/lock cat flaps as required.

Aardvarks to Zebras will be more than happy to visit the property one or twice a day to check on pets. We will even collect post, water plants, turn on/off lights and open/close curtains should the client request.

30 min visit - £9 (for up to 3 cats)


Small Animal Visits

Will your rabbits, guinea pigs or caged animals need a visit while you are away for a day or a week?

We offer 30 minute visits either once or twice daily to check on the animals, make sure they are healthy, feed and watered, give it some socialisation in a run, garden or just with a cuddle. We are happy to give medication if needed.

Or if you need extra help we offer a 45 minute visit which allows time to clean up to 2 hutches/cages, feeding, medicating, and socialisation.

Aardvarks to Zebras will be more than happy to collect post, water plants, turn on/off lights and open/close curtains should the client request.

30 min visit for feeding and socialisation - £9

45 min visit to clean up to 2 cages/hutches - £15

Additional cages to clean - £3 per cage




From April 2016 it became compulsory to get all dogs microchipped. For the security of your pet micro chipping is a wonderful technology that allows your pet to be registered to you, and therefore returned safely in the unfortunate event they run off or are taken.

Under new Government plans, all cats will be required to have a microchip by the age of 20 weeks. 

As a qualified micro chipper Jo Newman will be more than happy to microchip your cat or dog in the comfort of their own home.

Per animal - £15



Pet Taxi

Aardvarks to Zebras know how difficult it is to juggle the day to day running of a home or work life so we are here to make it easier. The taxi will help with trips to the vets or moving house, grooming salons or other requirements.

Due to our other commitments we are restricted to local destinations only.


Just let us know if you would like a lift or for us to take your pet alone.

£13 per hour - minimum of 1 hour charge


IMG_5451 (1).JPG

Livestock Care

For those who have a small holding and feel it difficult to go away for a night or week, Aardvarks to Zebras will be more than happy to step in and look after your pets.


The prices are based on 5 individual animals or a group of poultry/fowl but please feel free to contact us if you have more and we can discuss requirements.

This service is animal dependent but will include feeding, medicating, pen cleaning, turning out or bringing in for the night.

Poultry and fowl feeding and cleaning - £9 per 30 mins


Goats, Sheep, Pigs and other - £15 per hour (up to 5 individuals) 




Each new client will have a complimentary consultation when signing up for the service to allow pet carer and animal to get to know each other and to learn what the pet requires.

As an additional consultation Aardvarks to Zebras can give basic advice on:

Helping to medicate
Clipping nails and advice on general animal care/handling
Pet pairing (rabbits)
Settling a new/rescue pet in to your home
Or other questions that may arise


Nail clipping of small animals and cats only - £9

Additional services with nail clipping

 - Flea and worm treatment - £3

 - Ear cleaning - £3

Animal husbandry Consultations -

 - 30 mins - £15

 - 1 hour - £20